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We are a full service lath and plastering company who has been serving the Las Vegas Valley since 1991. This family owned and operated business has worked hard to serve Southern Nevada and its customers with dedication and professionalism.

A-1 Stucco, Inc. is in compliance with OSHA rules and regulations. The employees are well trained to follow these safety rules while performing many different plastering tasks and finishes.
We also use nothing but the best products available. A-1 Stucco, Inc. is available to do both large projects as well as small repairs. We offer a broad array of options to tailor the needs of your projects.

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• C-17 Lath & Plaster

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Stucco is a durable, fungus and rot resistant product. Commonly known as cement plaster, it is applied to surfaces inside or outside of buildings. If you are fortunate to have exterior stucco or a stucco wall interior, you'll want to take the necessary steps to preserve it. The plaster is made by mixing cement, sand and water in exact measurements. Your Las Vegas Stucco Company has the expertise to create this perfect mix. This is not a do it yourself project. You'll most likely end up with less than satisfactory results. If you’re doing a patch job on a stucco wall you could do more damage than good. Many elements go into making the perfect stucco wall mix and the application is an art in itself which is best left to the experts at the Las Vegas stucco service.

These stucco wall specialists from the Las Vegas Stucco Company will make sure that the job is done right the first time. This adds an element of interest to your finished stucco siding. A design is created during and after application using special tools and techniques. The professional plasterers at the Las Vegas Stucco Company are true artists with years of experience through which they have developed their talent. Our people are the very best, and the pride we take in our work is evident from the finished product.

Your Las Vegas Stucco Company and Repairs

Exterior stucco is most vulnerable to water damage. You might be tempted to simply paint over stains on your stucco siding but those stains may indicate damage. If you suspect that you have damaged exterior stucco you can call your Las Vegas Stucco Company and count on a thorough evaluation of your house siding. They have a trained eye for cracks, depressions and bulges indicating problems with the stucco wall. They will get your permission before tearing away the loosened exterior stucco to check the structure underneath.

The Las Vegas Stucco Company will check every inch of the house siding visually looking for stains, cracks and bulges. They will use a tapping method to locate soft or spongy areas. These are often found at the base of exterior walls. Any of these signs can be an indication of damage. They might also tell the Las Vegas Stucco Company that there is structural damage to the framework or materials underneath the stucco siding. If this is the case, repairs of the structure must be made before the stucco can be repaired. The Las Vegas Stucco Company will show you exactly where the damage is so that you can get the necessary repairs done before starting the stucco project. They will also be looking for the reasons for damage. For example there may be a need for improved rain water runoff and water diversion to prevent splashing on a lower stucco wall. They might also suggest some changes to gutters and down spouts.

Once your home is ready for the stucco repair, the Las Vegas Stucco Company amaze you with a quality job. If it’s possible for you to be at home to watch the artistic plasterer at work, by all means do so. They will take wet plaster and efficiently and perfectly create sweeps and designs that are identical to your older stucco siding. Your home’s frame work and all other materials underneath your stucco siding will be protected from the elements.

Your Las Vegas Stucco Company for New Construction

The Las Vegas Stucco Company is the place to call, if you are considering exterior stucco for a new home. Once again this is not a do it yourself project unless of course you happen to be a professional plasterer yourself. Though appearing to be a simple job, stucco when incorrectly applied can cause serious structural damage to your home by allowing moisture to collect underneath it. Rot and mold which can grow out of control present health problems as well as unsightly blackened house siding. Your Las Vegas Stucco Company can tell you exactly what you need to do to make your gutters, downspouts and flashing work efficiently. They may discuss water diversion ideas to keep the exposure to excess moisture of your new exterior stucco to a minimum.

Stucco is a low cost siding that is suitable for almost any surface and holds up well in all climates. It is durable and fire resistant. It is used over concrete masonry, brick, steel or wood frames. Exterior stucco will also act as an insulator against extremes of heat or cold. This is a great plus in cutting utility costs. You might be doing an entire building surface or just a portion and the Las Vegas Stucco Company can help you in the overall design of your house siding. They will assure that its appearance will be attractive and that the structure underneath will be protected from the elements. Correctly applied by your skilled Las Vegas Stucco Company your home’s exterior stucco will keep its beautiful protective finish for years to come.
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